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Agent scripts

User full name

Create mainDomain if it doesn't exit

Identity scripts

Recover a user for userName

Recover a users from a Jquery

Print some attributes 

Print by user the email

Print by user some additional data


Create a new identity

Update an identity

Delete an identity

Account scripts

Recover accounts of user

Remove attribute values of a metadata

public void removeUnAttributeValues(String attribute, String system) {
  la = serviceLocator.getAccountService().findAccountByJsonQuery("system eq \""+system+"\"");
  for (a : la) {
    laa = serviceLocator.getAccountService().getAccountAttributes(a);
    for (aa : laa) {
      if (aa.attribute.equals(attribute)) {
        if (aa.value!=null) {
          out.print("accountName: "+accountName+", attribute.value: "+aa.value);
          out.println(" ---> removed");

Role scripts

Recover roles of a user

Print the associated roles for each account

Print for an account the roles and applications for each of them

Print the roles associated with each account

Create a new role

Update a new role

Delete a role

List the roles of an application

Agent scripts

Recover active agents

Show by a user the agents that have associates



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