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If you have received information about a new SOFFID release, you can upgrade it following this simple process:

  • Current version of your Soffid installation can be obtained by navigating to: Start - Main Menu - Soffid Configuration - Soffid parameters.

Soffid parameters menu.

In the table below, the parameter component.iam.common.version shows the current installed version.

The current iam-ear.ear version.

Download the latest version.

Download enterprise products → Soffid download manager.


Select and download the latest version.

Stop soffid-iamconsole service.

  • Secondly, please type in search for Windows 'Services.msc' and stop soffid-iamconsole service.

Type services.msc

Stop soffid-iamconsole service.


iam-ear.ear file location.

  • If you are using version 1.x, please go to folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Soffid\IAM-Console\jboss\server\default\soffid'  or /opt/soffid/iam-console/jboss/server/default/soffid
  • If you are using version 1.x, please go to folder 'C:\Program Files\Soffid\IAM-Console-2\soffid'  or /opt/soffid/iam-console-2/soffid
  • Rename the file 'iam-ear.ear' to 'OLD-iam-ear.ear'

iam-ear.ear location.

Copy the latest iam-ear.ear file from you download folder and paste it in the previous folder. Rename the file 'iam-ear-xxxx.ear', where xxxx is the version number, for 'iam.ear.ear'


Rename the new iam-ear.ear version.

  • Finally, please run the soffid-iamconsole service, and that's it!

Restart soffid-iamconsole service.

  • Please, just ensure the task was successfully done. For confirmation, please check your version again in the soffid panel.

Soffid Configuration → Soffid parameters.


Your current iam-ear.ear version.


Now, please check whether there is a new Sync Server Version. In that case, please upgrade it following these steps:

 Upgrading Soffid Sync Server to the latest version



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