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Grant, grantedRole & allGrantedRoles


A user objects are maps that hold the information belonging to a single user accountThe objects grant, grantedRole and allGrantedRoles are used to assing roles to accounts and roles.

idLonggrant id
grantedRoleStringgranted role name
grantedRoleSystemStringgranted role managed system (agent) name
grantedRoleIdLonggranted role id
domainValueStringgrant value (if any)
ownerAccountStringgrantee account name
ownerSystemStringgrantee account or role managed system name
ownerGroupStringgrantee group name
ownerRoleIdStringgrantee role id
ownerRoleNameStringgrantee role name
ownerUserStringgrantee user name
grantedRoleObjectrole objectgranted role
ownerAccountObjectaccount objectgrantee account