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Soffid Business Processes use JBoss JBPM engine. You can find the original JBPM documentation here.

In order to develop a new business process addon you need Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers and three pluguins installed on it:

The business process addon can be build using the addon.

They follow the JBPM conventions for .par files:

  • /processdefinition.xml contains the business process definition that you define. Example:

  • /processimage.jpg contains a bitmap representation of the definition you have created. Example:

  • /gpd.xml contains the position of business process elements on processimage.jpb bitmap. Example:

  • /classes directory contains the java compiled classes that support the business process that you implement.

Some additional files must be included

  • /ui.xml file describes some aspects not covered by processdefinition.xml, just like permissions, user interface and process versioning and upgrade. Example:

  • /ui directory contains the user interface (ZK) components that are needed to render the workflow tasks.


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